Where is my car?


I feeling a bit restless and going to the mall to indulge in a relaxing shopping spree is just what I needed to get myself in a euphoric mood. There is nothing more relaxing than hitting the designer outlets and enjoying all those coupons and discount cards I keep hoarding from everywhere.
Now one fine Saturday morning, I made my way towards the mall to spend my very own hard-earned money.
So, I hit the shops with a double chocolate smoothie, and indulged in my shopaholic endeavours for a good five hours. Funny how time flies away when you are having so much fun checking out all the dresses and trying them out! I managed to find some killer discounts and sensational last stock items.
Now, as I made my way towards the car park, with two courteous boys from Nordstrom carrying my bags brimming with designer labels, a sudden realization hit me in full force: I was standing in midst of an unending sea of vehicles, and I just couldn’t remember where I parked my car!
I scratched my head and tried hard to concentrate. Where did I park my car?


Where could I have parked it? I entered the mall from the main entrance, so my car must be somewhere near it. Perhaps I should walk all the way back to the main entrance, and look there.
So, with the two sales boys in tow, I made a laborious trek to the main entrance only search around 20 lanes of parked vehicles. What an unfruitful attempt that was…. and still no sign of my car!
I felt like I was de-hydrating. Above all, I felt so frustrated and panic-stricken, I could really scream at the top of my lungs.


That’s when a sudden thought hit me. I remember walking all the way to the entrance, so that should mean that I must have parked my car somewhere far. Right! But where? I tried to think really hard, and felt like I have almost lost it.

I decided that there simply was no point in suspending the search and along with the ever courteous boys from Nordstrom, still obediently trailing with my shopping bags, I kept looking for my car. I felt so tired and exhausted that I could almost sit down in the middle of the parking lot if I wasn’t so worried about my car. I glanced around the car-park with countless vehicles parked in it. And then it hit me!


I parked my car a block away from the mall because I did not want to be caught up in this suffocating gathering of vehicles. How smart of me, if only I could have remembered earlier!


I marched towards my car with a happy glow about me handing a handsome to those two boys for all their efforts.


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